Technology and Services

We offer complex solution to metal, plastic and wood processing. We provide complete service - from the design, mould making and providing the material to the final making of the product. We handle single orders as well as batch production. Wintter means high-tech technologies and we can make metal, plastic and wood products fast and with the quality required.

We use top-class CNC milling machines, lasers, presses and other machine tools. We are experts at machining, milling, lathing, laminating, industrial sewing, finishing flat-sheet materials such as chipboard, laminate or solid timber, wood processing and processing of PU foam, PE foam and other plastics.

We supply products for furniture industry, construction industry and advertising agencies.

We have solutions for

Automotive Industry

Automobilový průmysl

Our complex technology enables us to supply complete interior parts such as carpets for boot area, including lamination and gluing wooden parts into the carpet, wood flooring and other components.

Furniture Industry

Nábytkářský průmysl

Our products for furniture manufacturers include wooden components requiring precision machining. Thanks to our CNC milling machine we can offer our customers producing furniture highly precise components for extremely competitive prices that are normally paid for less precise materials.

Construction Industry


Our product offer for construction industry and building component manufacturers ranges from steel stampings to metal, stainless steel and aluminium stampings. It is our long-time experience in metal processing and precise cutting that allows us to react quickly and with flexibility to our customers´ needs concerning delivery dates, quality requirements or expertise in processing.

Advertising Agencies, Custom-made Production

Reklamní agentury, zakázková výroba

Our services for advertising agencies include custom-made laser cutting, cutting letters from different materials suitable for signboards, advertising panels etc.

Technology and Services

  • Metal stamping

    Metal stampings, metal processing, pressing.

  • Zpracování plastů
    Plastic processing

    PU foam and PE foam processing, plastic cutting.

  • CNC frézování
    CNC milling

    CNC milling and cutting, top-class CNC machining centre.

  • Zpracování dřevěných materiálů
    Wood processing

    Finishing of flat-sheet materials and wooden sheets, laminating.

  • Baypreg - the technology of the future

    We can also process this modern material with outstanding properties. Baypreg is perfectly suitable for compression moulding of parts such as car interiors. When combined with natural materials, it makes for cost-effective and ecological manufacturing of lightweight thin coatings or ultra-light, rigid, buckle-resistant sandwich structures.

Pole v technologiích

Baypreg - Technology of the future

We can handle modern material with great utility value. Baypreg is suitable for the production of parts forming discharge, eg. for car interiors. Combined with natural materials can be economically and environmentally produce thin interior wall weighing with low or extremely light, rigid and resistant to torsion of sandwich combinations.

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