Introducing technology Baypreg

Introduced technology Baypreg

Technology and Services

  • Metal stamping

    Metal stampings, metal processing, pressing.

  • Zpracování plastů
    Plastic processing

    PU foam and PE foam processing, plastic cutting.

  • CNC frézování
    CNC milling

    CNC milling and cutting, top-class CNC machining centre.

  • Zpracování dřevěných materiálů
    Wood processing

    Finishing of flat-sheet materials and wooden sheets, laminating.

  • Baypreg - the technology of the future

    We can also process this modern material with outstanding properties. Baypreg is perfectly suitable for compression moulding of parts such as car interiors. When combined with natural materials, it makes for cost-effective and ecological manufacturing of lightweight thin coatings or ultra-light, rigid, buckle-resistant sandwich structures.